Most of the lands are overrun by goblins, skeletons and other evil creatures. Travel to the Royal Lands are cut off leaving the remaining people to fend for themselves against The Dark Lord. You’re the only one to make it out of the Magical Dungeon with the uncharged Dungeon Heart making you the last hope in defeating The Dark Lord, freeing the Lower Lands from his control.

Journey through what’s left of the Lower lands in search of relics to help you enter The Dark Lords keep and destroy him. Discover new armor and weapons to help you in your journey. Learn some of the lands history by finding books that were stolen from The Great Library. Chose if you want to help those in need or stick to the main path.

• Leveling System increasing health, stamina and strength
• Armor sets with varying stat changes
• Equip one shield, short sword & two hand sword at a time
• Deal with most mini bosses in multiple ways
• Partake in side quests
• Continue playing after you defeat The Dark Lord

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Devoured Time on Steam